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ST 10 is non-shrink grout 3-component solvent free, self-leveling epoxy grout system.



  • High strength grouting of: Anchors bar, tie rods, crash barrier post, fence and railing posts.
  • Under grouting and bedding of: Base plates, mechanical bridge joint, bridge bearing, machine base for large compressors, heavy machineries.
  • Tie less rail grouting: Crane rails, light rail and permanent way in tunnels, light rail and permanent way on bridges.

Technical data 

Property Results Standard
Colour Dark Grey   
Specific gravity 2.00 ± 0.1  TCVN 3731 : 1982 
Mixing ratio Com. A : B : C = 0,85 : 2,15 : 15 part by weight   
Compressive strength 80 N/mm2 (±10%)(7 days, 27oC)  ASTM C349/C109 
Adhesive strength On concrete >2 N/mm2 (concrete failure) ASTM D7234-12 
Thicness Minimum 10 mm, maximum 150mm  



All surface must be free from standing water and all loosely adhering particles, cement laitance should be removed by machine means. 

Mix comp. A&B together for at least 3 minutes with a slow speed electric drill (max, 400rpm) Then add aggregates (comp. C) and continue mixing until a homogeneous flowing motar is achieved ( - 5mins.). 

When grouting under bearing plates, ensure there is sufficient pressure to maintain movement of the grout. Air must be allowed to escape. For large volume, apply more than one layer,ensuring the previous layer has harden and cooled. 


Packing & Coverage

  • Packing Size : 18 kg/set (A+B+C)
  • Storage condition : Dry, cool, shaded place. 
  • Shelf life : 12 months 


Reference No. ST 10/18102021

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