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QUICSEAL 113 is a water dispersion primer comprising of specially formulated synthetic resin for treating porous substrates and materials such as lightweight blocks, prefabricated panels, etc. against damp penetration as well as to consolidate substrate surfaces to improve the adhesion of waterproofing coatings, plasters, screeds, adhesives, mortars, paint, etc. 
QUICSEAL 113 prevents gypsum substrates from breaking off due to the chemical reaction between gypsum and cement aluminates in cement-based mortars and adhesives. 
QUICSEAL 113 reduces the water absorption of very porous substrates enabling the applied material such as screeds, plasters, tile adhesives, waterproofing coatings to cure properly thus preventing over-rapid drying. 


QUICSEAL 113 is used as a primer to consolidate and treat: 

  • concrete and cement-based substrates prior to application of QUICSEAL 101, QUICSEAL 530, QUICSEAL 531 and QUICSEAL 104, etc;
  • gypsum surfaces before laying tiles;
  • prefabricated panels such as gypsum, chipboards, lightweight concrete, cement boards, etc. before plastering, laying tiles or painting.
  • absorbent and powdery materials such as lightweight blocks and brickwork before plastering or laying tiles;
  • concrete and cement-based substrates before casting self-levelling screeds.
  • underside of natural stones to reduce water marks problems.


Technical Data 

Product Type  Acrylics dispersion 
Colour  low viscosity translucent liquid 
Density 1.03 + 0.01g/cm3
pH 8.5 – 9.5 
Inflammability  no
Application temperature range  from +20°C to +40°C 
Minimum drying time  30 minutes (at 30°C) 
Damp resistance  good
Resistance to acids and alkalis  good
Flexibility good


Coverage & Packaging 

  • Pack size   :   5 & 20kg pail 
  • Coverage   : generally 0.1 ~ 0.2 kg per sq metres  

Coverage depends on the porosity and absorption of the substrate. 


12 months in a cool and ventilated place in the original packing. 


Important Notes 
The information set forth herein is furnished in good faith and is based on technical data that QUICSEAL considers to be reliable. This information is intended for used by persons having technical skill and at their own discretion and risk. Information contained in this product sheet conforms to the standard detail recommendations and specifications for the installation of QUICSEAL products as of the date of publication of this document. QUICSEAL makes no other warranties and assumes no liability, expressed or implied, as to the architecture, engineering or workmanship of any project. To ensure that you are using the latest, most complete information, contact QUICSEAL  
Reference No. QS 113/250520 

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