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QUICSEAL 102ECO - Purflex 

QUICSEAL 102ECO - Purflex 
QUICSEAL 102ECO - Purflex 



QUICSEAL 102ECO is a single component, ready-to-use, Acrylic-polyurethane liquid applied waterproof membrane.  QUICSEAL 102ECO comprises of special blend of copolymers and additives to provide an excellent seamless, elastomeric and quick-drying waterproofing membrane. 

QUICSEAL 102ECO is suitable for waterproofing (concealed) applications for the following areas: 

  • Kitchens, toilets, balconies, lift pit, etc
  • Waterproofing on dry wall in wet areas, e.g, gypsum and cement board etc.
  • Walkways, terraces, planter boxes
  • Precast gable end walls
  • RC flat and roof terrace in built-up roofing systems (concealed applications)



  • Single component - ready to use
  • Can be applied by brush, roller or spray
  • Quick drying
  • Elastomeric seamless membrane
  • Able to bridge cracks
  • Can be painted over with good quality acrylic paint.
  • Water-based formulation – Environmentally friendly


Technical Data

Standards & Specifications 
Technical Data  Acrylic-polyurethane high solids prepolymer 
Product Type  (water based) 
Colour Grey
Density 1.10 + 0.06 g/ml 
Recoat Time  2 hours 
Hardness (Shore A)  > 40
Tensile Strength  > 2.0 N/mm2
Percentage Elongation  > 500% ASTM D2240 
Water Vapour Transmission  < 30 g/m2/24 hrs ASTM D-412 
Adhesion to Concrete  > 1.2 N/mm2 ASTM D-412 

Hydrostatic Pressure 


No water penetration @ 0.2 bar  ASTM E96 
Crack Bridging  No cracks  @ 2mm (10 cycles) 

ASTM D-4541 

DIN 1048 : Pt 5 ASTM C836 

Application Temperature  5 - 35 ºC  Conditions
Tack Free Time  Approximately 2 hours  @ 30 ºC, 65% RH 
Chemical properties   Good resistance against acidic and basic solutions (0.5%), detergents, seawater and oils. 


Surface Preparation 

The substrates must be clean and sound, free of dust and loose particles. Remove laitance, oil, grease, mould release agents or any foreign contaminants which may inhibit adhesion from substrate by using wire brush, scabbler or other approved means. Where moss, algae or similar growths have occurred, treatment with suitable chemicals should be carried after the initial cleaning process followed by further washing.  
It is recommended that a cement & sand fillet be formed at all corners to receive the waterproofing membrane. 

Stir QUICSEAL 102ECO manually before application. For horizontal and vertical surfaces, a roller, brush or spray gun, may be used to apply the membrane. Care must be taken to ensure that air is not entrapped in the membrane.  

Pre-treat QUICSEAL 102ECO on all corners, upturns and pipe penetrations with a brush followed by application to the general areas and allow to dry.  Allow membrane to dry for approximately 2 hours before application of the second coat.  
Apply the 2nd coat at right angles to the last coat of waterproofing membrane, allow it to cure for 24 hours before proceeding to conduct any flooding test.   



Pack size :   24 kg pail 



Coverage:   1.3-1.5kg/m2/2 coats 

Wet film thickness/ coat :   1.2 ± 0.1mm 

Due to high adhesion strength of this product even on metals, it is advisable to wash tools with water before the product sets.  After setting, cleaning can only be achieved by mechanical means. 

The shelf life of QUICSEAL 102ECO is 12 months when stored unopened in a cool and dry place. 


Important Notes 
The information set forth herein is furnished in good faith and is based on technical data that QUICSEAL considers to be reliable. This information is intended for used by persons having technical skill and at their own discretion and risk. Information contained in this product sheet conforms to the standard detail recommendations and specifications for the installation of QUICSEAL products as of the date of publication of this document. QUICSEAL makes no other warranties and assumes no liability, expressed or implied, as to the architecture, engineering or workmanship of any project. To ensure that you are using the latest, most complete information, contact QUICSEAL  
Reference No: QS 102ECO/271221 

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