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Epoxy Membrane for Negative Pressure Applications 

Product Description  
QUICSEAL 119 is a two component, water based, epoxy polyamide membrane/barrier coating that has been specifically designed for use in negative water pressure applications.  

Typical Uses 
QUICSEAL 119 is suited for use in as a waterproof & vapour barrier in a wide spectrum of applications such as: 

-    As a low water vapour transmission coating prevent rising damp in floors. Used as a system together with QUICSEAL moisture sensitive membranes and self levelling underlayments to protect vinyl and other resilient flooring finishes.
-    As a barrier / sealing coat over freshly laid or damp concrete prior to subsequent coating / topping
-    As a waterproofing barrier to resist negative hydrostatic pressure. Prevents water seepage or damp penetration through the interior of walls and floors, in below grade surface such as basement, tunnels, lift wells, retaining walls and car parks.
-    As a waterproofing barrier in tanking application, including potable water containment.


Conforms to:  
SS 375: Part 1 & 2: 2015 for use with water intended for human consumption.



  • Withstands 250kPa hydrostatic pressure (25 metre head of water)
  • Can be readily applied to damp surfaces (in saturated surface dry condition).
  • Can be applied to freshly laid hardened (green) concrete
  • Versatile in use
  • Can be over-coated using almost any decorative or industrial finishing paint.
  • Excellent adhesion to most substrates including brick, masonry, concrete,stone & timber
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Safe to use in sensitive locations (e.g. around food or habitable areas)
  • Easy clean-up using water. Non-flammable & negligible odour
  • Prevents rising damp and the formation of efflorescence.


Application Instructions  
Surface Preparation  
All surfaces to be treated must be structurally sound; and existing coatings, adhesives, efflorescence etc should be removed to achieve maximum bond strength and resistance  
to hydrostatic pressure. Surfaces must be cleaned from dirt, grease, oil and all other surface contaminants. Concrete floors should be lightly sand blasted to remove surface laitance.  
Holes, non-structural cracks or other surface deformities should be filled with QUICSEAL 119 epoxy mortar and allowed to cure for 2- 3 hours before coating is applied. Prime with 10% diluted QUICSEAL 119 or use a slurry bonding coat; the slurry coat is prepared by mixing equal volumes of QUICSEAL 119 and cement with a small quantity of sand to form a thick brushable consistency. A high strength concrete repair mortar is prepared by mixing equal volumes of QUICSEAL 119 with cement and then adding 2 to 3 volumes of sand to achieve the desired consistency. Work the prime coat or slurry bonding coat into the substrate and apply the repair mortar whilst the slurry coating remains wet.  

When QUICSEAL 119 is to be applied to dry concrete, the surface must be dampened with water before application, followed by priming with QUICSEAL 119 diluted with 10% clean water. It is critical to obtain a dry film thickness (D.F.T.) of 300 microns and priming with diluted QUICSEAL 119 can assist to achieve this; QUICSEAL 119 will not perform as defined above unless a minimum D.F.T. of 300 microns is obtained in the final membrane. 


Mixing & Installation 
Stir the Components A & B of QUICSEAL 119 individually to ensure uniformity prior to mixing together. Once premixed, add the full contents of both components (in the ratio of 1:1 by volume) in a large 30 litre bucket and mechanically mix until a homogenous blend is obtained.  
Apply QUICSEAL 119 onto the prepared surface at spread rate of 0.3 litre per m2 per coat. 
At up-stands and direction changes, pretreat the surface by first priming the concrete, followed by applying the first layer of QUICSEAL 119. Whilst the coating is still wet, immediately embed the QUICSEAL Fabric (190mm width) into QUICSEAL 119 by pressing strongly & evenly down into the membrane using a steel roller. Allow an approximate time interval of 4 – 5 hours before applying the second coat of QUICSEAL 119. 
For floors- Spread the material using a squeegee to achieve the correct coverage and then finish using a long nap roller.  
For walls- Apply the product by brush, roller or spray taking care to achieve the required coverage.  

For floor/wall up-stands-i.e. walls, columns, ducts, pipework etc Incorporate QUICSEAL fabric fibre reinforcing mesh into QUICSEAL 119 before the main application area commences 

Care must be taken to work the QUICSEAL 119 into the surface to fill voids and avoid pin holing. A minimum of two coats is recommended and care should be taken to ensure uniformity of material and the required coverage is maintained. When finishing it is necessary to ensure that the required dry film thickness is achieved.  
The coverage rate for all surfaces should be a total of 1.5m2 per litre in 2 coats to achieve optimum properties. In the event that this coverage rate is not achieved in two coats, move coats should be applied.  
Ensure sufficient ventilation is provided during the curing cycle to enable adequate evaporation of the water. 
Care should be taken when sandwiching adhesives between QUICSEAL 119 and floor coverings to ensure the water vapour transmission of the covering is sufficient to allow the solvent to escape.  
Wash all equipment in water or water/detergent immediately upon completion of work. 
QUICSEAL 119 requires protection with subsequent topping / coating. 
Subsequent finishes a range of subsequent finishes can be applied over QUICSEAL 119; follow the following recommended curing times prior to application.  

Product Curing Period  Primer Required 
Solvent-based Epoxy  Apply after 4 days  No. 
Solvent free Epoxy  Apply after 3 days  No. 
Polyurethane Apply after 7 days  No. 
MMA Apply after 7 days  No. 
Cementitious SLC  Apply after 1 day  Yes
Decorative coatings  Apply after 2 days  No, if aqueous 

In the presence of water pressure add 1 day to curing times. Epoxy or polyurethane screeds will require a solvent free epoxy primer to be installed prior to installation. Care is necessary to ensure the QUICSEAL 119 waterproofing membrane is not damaged in any way during the application of subsequent finishes.  

Coverage and Thickness 
must be applied at a rate of 0.66 ltr / m2 in 2 coats to achieve min DFT of 300 microns for it to function as an effective waterproofing barrier. 


Technical Data 

Mixing ratio  1:1 Part A: Part B by volume 
Standard colour  Grey (Colours upon request, min. quantities apply) 
Finish Smooth, dense, semi-gloss 
Resistance to hydrostatic (ASTM C1306.95)  Resistant to 250kPa (25m head pressure of water) 

Water vapourtransmission rate 

(ASTM E96 Section 12) 

10.5 gm/sq mtr/24 hrs 
Permeance film  approx. 3.2 x 10 -8 g/Pasm2
Tensile bond strength  >3.0 MPa (depending on strength of substrate)
Pot Life  1.5 hrs @ 25ºC; 0.5 hrs @ 40ºC 
Drying Time  5.5 hrs @ 25ºC; 3.5 hrs @ 40ºC 
Specific Gravity  1.30 
Wet Film Thickness  300 microns per coat 
Max Recoating interval  < 5 days 
Application Temperature  10ºC to 35ºC 


Health & Safety 
UN Number: N/A non flammable and non explosive. Non toxic, irritating or flammable vapour when used according to the instructions. May be irritating and cause sensation by skin contact and be irritating to the eyes on contact. Wear suitable gloves and eye/face protection during mixing and application, avoid contact with skin and eyes. In the event of contact, wash immediately with soap and water. 

20 litre set 

The shelf life of QUICSEAL 119 is 12 months when stored unopened in a cool and dry place. 


Important Notes 
The information set forth herein is furnished free of charge in good faith and is based on technical data that QUICSEAL considers to be reliable. This information is intended for used by persons having technical skill and at their own discretion and risk. Information contained in this product sheet conforms to the standard detail recommendations and specifications for the installation of QUICSEAL products as of the date of publication of this document. QUICSEAL makes no other warranties and assumes no liability, expressed or implied, as to the architecture, engineering or workmanship of any project. To ensure that you are using the latest, most complete information, please contact QUICSEAL  
Reference No. QS119/250520 

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