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QUICSEAL 103 ACRYLFLEX is a single component, ready-to-use, water-based liquid applied acrylic waterproof membrane. QUICSEAL 103 comprises of special bend of polymers, fillers and additives to

provide excellent UV resistance, as well as providing long term waterproofing protection.

QUICSEAL 103 cures to form a tough, seamless, elastomeric waterproofing membrane with excellent adhesion to most substrates.


Waterproofing of:-

  •  concrete, metal, wood or clay-tiled roofs
  •  pitched and RC flat roof with sufficient gradient to allow easy run-off
  •  concealing hairline cracks and shrinkage cracks less than 0.3 mm width
  •  external wall (seepage repair)
  •  protection of concrete against deterioration from effects of the UV rays
  •  expansion joints used in conjunction with QUICSEAL 720 / Fabric


  •  Single component - ready to use
  •  Can be applied by brush, roller or spray
  •  Being elastomeric, it exhibits excellent recovery characteristics
  •  Seamless membrane
  •  Able to bridge cracks
  •  Suitable for exposed applications
  •  Can be painted over with good quality acrylic paint.
  •  Good hiding power – opaque

Technical Data

Surface Preparation

The substrates must be clean and sound, free of dust and loose particles. Laitance, oil, grease, mould release agents or any foreign contaminants which may inhibit adhesion must be removed from concrete surfaces by using wire brush, scabbler or other means. Where moss, algae or similar growths have occurred, treatment with suitable chemicals should be carried after the initial cleaning process followed by further washing. Top up ponding areas with QUICSEAL 510 non-shrink grout.

It is essential to provide a continuous coating of QUICSEAL 103. Therefore, surfaces with blowholes or large cracks should first be filled with QUICSEAL 516 Waterplug or QUICSEAL 304 Epoxy Putty, (refer to separate data sheet for further details). It is recommended that a cement & sand fillet be formed at all corners to receive the waterproofing membrane. On Reinforced Concrete roof Ensure that the substrate is fully cured and sound. Newly cast screed must be cured for 28 days to allow the shrinkage and thermal cracks to form and be treated before application of QUICSEAL 103. There should be sufficient gradient to allow water to run off. Prior to the application of QUICSEAL 103, prime substrate with 1 coat of QUICSEAL 103 Primer. Where movement is expected, QUICSEAL reinforcing mesh is recommended to embed within the membrane. Where expansion joints are encountered, reinforce QUICSEAL 103 with QUICSEAL 720 / Fabric.
Existing Coatings
Where application over existing sound coatings is required, trials should be conducted to ensure compatibility and retention of the bond between the underlying coating and the substrate. For further advice, consult the local QUICSEAL representative.
Stir QUICSEAL 103 manually before application.
On Reinforced Concrete roof
QUICSEAL 103 can be applied with roller, brush or spray equipment. Apply first coat of QUICSEAL 103 and whilst the membrane is still wet, immediately unroll the reinforcing mesh. Apply second coat of
QUICSEAL 103 over the reinforcing mesh at coverage of 0.55 kg/m2 and roll over to ensure good wetting between the mesh and QUICSEAL 103. Allow the second coat to dry for a minimum of 1-2
hours before continuing with the subsequent coat of QUICSEAL 103. Apply the third coat of QUICSEAL 103 at right angles to the last coat to achieve a total dry film thickness of 1.2 mm and allow to dry.
On Wall Application
Apply two coats of QUICSEAL 103 in the same manner as above, excluding reinforcing mesh. Where expansion joints are encountered, reinforce QUICSEAL 103 with QUICSEAL 720 / Fabric.
QUICSEAL 103 is not recommended for areas where constant ponding or water-immersion is expected.
Consult QUICSEAL Technical Department for further advice.
Pack size : 5 kg pail and 20 kg pail
Coverage : 0.55kg/m2/coat
Due to high adhesion strength of this product even on metals, it is advisable to wash tools with water before the product sets. After setting, cleaning can only be achieved by mechanical means.
The shelf life of QUICSEAL 103 is 12 months when stored unopened in a cool and dry place.

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